Broadband Services

We have a complete range of solutions available to suit all your business needs from a traditional ADSL service and superfast FTTC, to more dedicated services such as EFM, Fibre and Wireless leased lines right through to a full MPLS service. Our team can help you evaluate what the best options are for your business depending on location and requirement.

Leased Lines

Perfect for your business

Fibre provides your business with a dedicated connection to the Internet and delivers the ultimate in broadband connectivity.

Ethernet First Mile

Multiple bonded copper pairs

EFM technology is perfect for any business that is looking for cost effective, high bandwidth connectivity.

Generic Ethernet Access

Speedy delivery times

GEA uses FTTC and FTTP technologies to provide a non-contended path to the Internet. Available in three variations.


Superfast Fibre

FTTC & FTTP offer cost effective super fast broadband to meet todays bandwidth intensive applications.

Fast Reliable Broadband.