EoFTTC stands for ‘Ethernet over Fibre To The Cabinet’ which does what it says on the tin; it is an Ethernet circuit with the tail end provided over existing FTTC infrastructure. EoFTTC offers many of the benefits of a full fibre leased line without the high price tag and long installation times.

This concept may already sound familiar, as it is the same as BT Wholesales GEA product, however the pricing structure from TalkTalk Business is far more attractive.

  • o Symmetric (same bandwidth both ways)
  • o Un-Contended
  • o 7 hour fix Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • o Lead-time 25-35 working days
  • o Guaranteed symmetric speed between 2 and 20Mb

Prices from £85, it’s the cheapest way to a consistent and cost effective connection businesses can depend upon. To check availability why not drop us an email.