SIP trunks are now a mature service enjoyed by thousands of UK organisations and this alone is testimony to the reliability of SIP. For added reassurance while you switch to us, SIP trunking can even be used with existing ISDN connections to ensure the transition goes smoothly, SIP Trunks allow you to get the most out of your existing investments by facilitating an IP-enabled traditional PBX to deliver a full range of IP telephony features.

These features can provide improved business continuity, for example, using a SIP Trunk, incoming calls can be quickly redirected to another location, or a number of locations, from a web-based portal. You can also provide staff with the ability to redirect their personal phone number to any handset, such as a home number, so that they can continue to work even if there has been a major incident.

SIP Trunks don’t have to replace all ISDN lines, they can be installed simply to meet extra demand or for testing purposes; their inherent flexibility allows effortless scaling-up of capacity without affecting existing infrastructure.

Your business could be looking to expand into new sites, wanting to connect existing telephony systems or make use of your legacy telephony systems whilst benefiting from the features of IP telephony.